An Update Regarding Revocation Requests

14 February 2024

There is a new development in Turkiye concerning non-use cancellation actions. According to the law, effective from January 10, 2024, administrative cancellation will be possible and TURKPATENT will be responsible for deciding on cancellations.

After January 10, 2024, we can file pre-application on the online system of the Office. There are still many questions about the process but we have started to file pre-applications.


Revocation requests shall be notified to the proprietor of the trademark for which the revocation is requested. The trademark proprietor shall submit evidence and response to the Office within one month. In case an extension is requested within this one month, the Office shall grant an additional one month. The Office, if it considers it necessary, may demand additional information and documentation. The Office shall give a decision with respect to the file within the framework of claims and defenses as well as the presented evidence.

Image by Freepik