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Handling anti-counterfeit projects need know-how in various areas of IP and different business fields and must be absolutely customized

ORBIS IP & LawWe fight counterfeiting within the strategic planORBIS

To adapt the necessary business-oriented know-how is essential for attorneys handling such projects. Starting from the fashion industry up to the automotive industry, only experienced attorneys are managing such projects within our team in cooperation with professional IP investigators.

We believe that it is not possible to manage a successful anti-counterfeit project without being fully informed about all details beforehand. The scope of the network of infringers and infringed products, main manufacturers, distributors and grey market importers are essential. Timing, a good pre-work and course of action are crucial to be successful in anti-counterfeit projects, and all stages have to be strategically evaluated.

Our team will never provide its clients with a “50% chance of success” by directly “recommending to send a cease and desist letter” or “seizure the infringed goods of a small shop”, which is most probably the tip of an iceberg. Such steps can totally damage the entire upcoming legal strategy for a long time, and the project can end at a point of no return. Thus, to see the “entire picture” and evaluate all possible risks beforehand is a priority for us.
Border Seizures, customs representations and applications are important services in connection with anti-counterfeit projects, which can also be provided as a single service.

In this connection, our office is able to record customs applications, monitor the same and represents international clients before all customs offices in Turkiye.