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Orbis IP & Law understands the needs for the management of large IP portfolios.

ORBIS IP & LawIP Portfolio ManagementORBIS

Such extensive projects need expertise, precision and a careful cross-check of all legal requirements and documents as well as a strong technical monitoring and tracking system, which allows managing such large projects and portfolios up to 1.000 and more IP rights.

Further, the prior data verification and discrepancy check need experts and careful evaluation in order not to risk a loss of rights.

Only chartered trademark and patent attorneys at Orbis are handling such portfolios to eliminate any risks for a loss of rights during the entire procedure, which consists of several essential steps. The main and essential work is only handled and managed by trademark & patent attorneys.

Following Services Are Mainly Offered:

Data Verification & Discrepancy Check
Preparation & Verification of all Documents (DoA, PoA, Merger Documents)
 Sworn National Translation & Approval of Documents
 Recordal of Changes (change of name & legal status, change of address)
 Merger & Acquisition
 Legal Support & Advisory Services
 Renewals & Annuities
 Monitoring of IP Rights
 Due Diligence