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Orbis IP & Law is providing a wide range of intellectual property services in Turkiye and North Cyprus, including prosecution and litigation for national and international clients.

About Us

Orbis is the first IP firm in Turkiye, certified by British Certification Inc. and Jas-Anz with the ISO 9001:2000 quality management certificate for its services. The office is one of the Top 10 IP firms in Turkey in entire portfolio management and IPR prosecution based on local PTO statistics and independent international client satisfaction surveys.

Orbis enjoys the combination of being an IP firm and Law Office, which allows to understand the process and think “one step ahead”. Teamwork between attorneys at law and the registered trademark and patent attorneys allows analyzing cases with a different point of view.

Patent attorneys with a strong technical background, trademark attorneys who are experts in the legal process are providing high-quality services in the field of IPR prosecution and litigation.

It is an office priority to provide a “customized and individual consultancy” to find out the real needs and best solutions by maintaining the same quality of service for each time, each client and each case.

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