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Orbis IP & Law provides a full range of translation services and working with translators, who are experienced in various technical fields such as mechanics, electronics, electric, chemistry, biochemistry, pharmaceutical, life science, software, and medical technology.

ORBIS IP & LawWe serve with ISO 17100:2015 translation quality certificate. ORBIS

The firm also maintains a large network of professionals, professors and instructors in specific sectors, when it comes to specific and special translations, which need to be supported with deeper expertise and scientific knowledge.

Translation services of the firm have been certified with the ISO 17100:2015 certificate by QCS International. In the scope of this certificate, all translation services have been assessed and found to comply with the requirements of ISO 17100:2015 for multilingual written translation in every field and sworn translations.

Orbis also uses several CAT-Tool to minimize translation discrepancies and costs. Strictly regulated proofreading stages are one of the main priorities to ensure accurate and authentic translations.

Following services are mainly offered by the translations team:

Technical Translations

Patent Translations

 IP Translations

 Legal & Sworn Translations

 Proofreading & Editing

 Linguistic Checks