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Proofreading means scrutinizing a text to find and correct typographical mistakes in grammar, style, spelling, meaning and semantic change.

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Especially in the case of patents, a translation discrepancy can be so significant as to reduce the scope of the invention as disclosed initially and claimed to an utterly meaningless concept and can be fatal to the whole patent.

Each translation is connected with an acute proofreading stage, and we are handling those stages with close attention by taking special care in support of special CAT-tools. Orbis is adapted several such translation tools to minimize any translation discrepancies and costs. Designed for corporations, translation agencies, CAT-tools allow to perform perfect translations and time- and cost-effective solutions due to its memory. These tools also allow that several translations are working together on one case and proofread with the same procedure and technique, which ensures to be always on-time.

All patent translations at Orbis are being handled with two proofread stages, the last of which is practiced by the patent attorney who checks the general patent protection scope and claims considering possible translation discrepancies and semantic changes. Attorneys always cross-check legal translations in consideration of their sensitive characteristic.