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Things are going fast in business life and have to be prepared and decided much quicker. Thus, our main aim is to make it always simpler rather than making it more complicated.

ORBIS IP & Law“Simple Solutions Rather Than Complex Answers“ORBIS

None of our attorneys will “copy and paste” a long answer or “article” to charge more hourly rates for which the client needs hours to study and understand. We like it simple, brief and take it serious by focusing on the main problem and question. “Less is more”, and we know that the time of our clients is valuable

Orbis never accepts a project or an order as long as the client has open questions. This is our primary criteria before accepting cases. Thus, transparency and clarification are a priority.

Our team and working approach guarantee the following:

- Experience, expertise and precision

- Fast, precise and brief responses

- No overcharging caused by “copy and paste” answers and unnecessary information

- Individual and close client care

- Solution-oriented working principles and procedures

- Always animated to find the best and cost-effective method

- Maintaining and developing technical infrastructure, monitoring systems and tools